Real Estate Valuation

Valuations are a major part of any financial decisions for banks and building societies, property companies, developers, investors and fund managers. We form a renowned team of technical, experienced surveyors, producing accurate valuations of the highest quality.
We offer valuations for all types of property including the mainstream asset classes of offices, industrial, retail and residential. We also frequently value development sites, in particular sites for large mixed use schemes
Types of valuation services we offer are: Valuation for landed property, Assets valuation- Infrastructures, Plant, Machinery, and Equipment, Valuation for compensation purposes, Rating, Mortgage, Probate, Tax, Trust & Accounts Valuation.
Our dedicated team provides valuations and advice for trust, tax and accounts purposes for both commercial and residential portfolios.
The complexity of this area of law makes expert advice crucial. From valuing investments for secured lending, acquisitions and sales, to appraising for formal valuations for a variety of tax purposes, our team offers unparalleled strategy advice that is complemented by effective negotiations with our experienced consultants to reach fair and reasonable conclusions.
The valuation jobs we have undertaken for public, financial Companies, Banks, and Government Agencies are too numerous to catalogue.

Property and Facilities Management

From property management to facilities management, we have the expertise to handle day-to-day operations and advise clients on their property portfolios, helping them to maximize value and minimize risk.
We are a multi-disciplinary practice with direct access to specialist advice and the analytical and management tools you need, enabling us to provide you with a first class property advisory service.
We work closely with our clients both far and wide in setting and implementing a bespoke strategy for the management of property assets on a portfolio and individual property basis.
Whether managing the portfolio of a global technology giant, offering funding advice, selling land, valuing an unusual property or letting a home, we make it easy. We don’t wait to be asked. We deliver ideas and solutions that improve the efficiency and value of your assets. And when it comes to advice, we cut to the chase. Thus, through every step of the process, we keep things straightforward, simplifying complex challenges and ensuring your peace of mind.
Our functions under property and facilities management cuts into:


This involves the prudent organization of human and material resources with the aim of achieving defined objectives in Real Estate investment. Its practice provides a robust basis for prompt decision making in the up-keep of the property. This includes making sure that all the facilities are in functional state and to harmonize the dominant interest of the landlord and various residing tenants in the property as contained in the lease Agreements executed thereto.
Our management functions in this regards are as follows:
  • Interfacing between landlord and tenant
  • Lease Administration
  • Service charge administration
  • Security Management
  • Structure improvements
  • Development logistics
  • Implementation of rules and guidelines
  • Insuring over all functioning of the property


Here we will use the means of routine inspection to ensure that the property is ever in a good estate of repairs. Our property maintenance functions include:
  1. Ensure that landlord’s fixtures and fittings are as it were
  2. Vetting of prospective tenants
  3. Listen to complaints from tenants and making immediate decision with the landlord’s consent to ensure that genuine attention is provided.
  4. Keep complete and accurate records of all transactions pertaining to the property.
  5. Conduct a periodic/pre-vacation inspection on the said property in-case the tenant is relocating; this helps ensure that the property is always in good state of repairs.

Project Management

A growing part of our business rising in line with Nigeria's property market growth, we meet national and international developers' needs through specialist advice on issues such as demand, supply, investment returns, values, funding and design. Once instructed, we advise clients on marketing strategies, funding and pricing with view to generate optimal returns. For larger projects we carry out comprehensive feasibility studies, ensuring that risk it mitigated at all times.
From site identification through to planning and product delivery, the firm of Wale Afolabi& Co offers a bespoke or fully-integrated service. The whole process is driven by innovative, top quality research tailored to clients' individual needs.
We provide bespoke and fully-integrated services for landowners, developers, occupiers and investors across the lifecycle of residential, commercial or mixed-use projects.
Our team of seasoned professionals offers an exceptional end-to-end service including:
  • Identifying the right sites
  • Gaining relevant planning permission
  • Advising and managing the design and build process
  • Selling or leasing developments
Our clients are at the heart of our business and we take time to understand their needs. We work closely with them every step of the way to provide the right solutions that meet their objectives.
We add value to our services by providing our clients with research-backed advice and consultancy through our market leading global research team, which puts us at the forefront of the industry. This enables us to advise you on the current trends and challenges across all markets.

Real Estate Consultancy & research

Our consultancy team has a reputation as problem solvers, with a strong track record in advising on complex assignments and providing objective advice. Working with developers, landlords and occupiers, we provide a wide range of professional services related to the practical aspects of owning, maintaining, developing and investing in real estate.
Our research team provides market analysis and advice to clients on commercial and residential property. The team has the expertise to advice on complex property issues with straightforward and objective advice.

Real Estate Appraisal

Our team of experts will give you comprehensive appraisals on your commercial properties and mixed use schemes. We have a strong track record of appraising single properties to multi-million pound portfolios for a wide range of clients.
We provide a detailed analysis of a site’s potential and best-use - a vital instrument in gauging and ensuring that schemes are financially feasible and sustainably viable.
Our team of seasoned professionals understands that feasibility studies focuses mainly on the financial analysis of a project and the analysis carried out by our experts reflects this.
Our thorough evaluation of a site’s highest and best-use will focus on and consider all the necessary contributing factors by offering sensitivity analysis of development parameters; providing a detailed examination of construction phasing; looking closely at revenue schedules and achievable income levels; and providing an assessment of performance indicators such as ROI, IRR and Profit on Cost

Real Estate Agency

With the projections of reaching the value as a priority, we make the best out of every sale and/or lease transaction we undertake so as to ensure a firm but sound completion without any breach of clause of contract.
We also ensure that all sales of properties are property executed, documented and stamped, and that all covenants, obligations and conditions are kept by all concerned.
The success of any Letting and successful management depends on the selection of satisfactory and reliable tenants with the ability of not only meeting the initial rental obligation but subsequent rental and other vital tenancy obligations.
Bearing in mind the prevailing economic and political situation, there is the need to adopt strategic letting to enhance a timely and successful letting and to attract the desired caliber of tenants.
This entails among other things, an aggressive marketing for all vacant spaces. And our functions will among others include:
  • Introducing vacant spaces to prospective clients.
  • Objective selection of good and reliable tenants taking into account the security of future income.
  • Collection of rentals and remittance of same to the principal.
  • Taking of inventories for effective record purposes.
  • Formal hand-over of properties to clients.
  • Perfecting the agreement between management and client.
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